Frequently Asked Questions

A gobo is a metal or glass piece that is designed to fit into a lighting fixutre or ‘gobo projector’. The term GOBO actually is shorthand for Go-Between. This comes from where the gobo actually goes…BETWEEN the lens and the bulb, right in the middle of the projector. Go, between. Gobo.

They come in all different sizes from several inches in diameter down to as small as several┬ámillimeters. Many of the ellipsoidal gobo lights take what is known as a ‘B size’ gobo. These are one of the largest sizes and hold the highest level of detail.

Many new projectors are taking smaller and smaller custom gobos. These are generally used in mobile lighting circumstances, for DJs, mobile lighting companies, traveling performances, etc.

1) To place an order, head to the home page (

2) Select the product you wish to purchase (steel, glass, custom or stock)

3) Choose the size gobo you need — if you are unsure or the size needed is not listed, leave a comment on your order with either specs or fixture!

4) Register for an account, log in to your existing account, OR checkout as a guest

5) Enter billing/shipping info

6) Choose shipping speed — see our shipping policies in the FAQ (please be aware, glass options have a longer lead-time than metal!)

7) Proceed to payment via credit card–we CANNOT take a credit card over the phone and no longer accept PayPal

Preparing Your Artwork

We can accept artwork from nearly all sources. We strongly recommend sending EPS or Adobe Illustrator (AI) files. These formats retain artwork as line-art instead of pixel-based bitmap images like JPG, GIF or BMP. By using line-art instead of bitmap art, the shapes and text will remain extremely crisp with no pixilation when enlarged.

You can also send us photographic images. Please supply the highest resolution available for your artwork unless you supply line-art files. The desired resolution is 1200 dpi but lower resolutions will also work. However, if the resolution of the image is too low (a logo from a website for example) then it may look pixilated and the image will have to be redrawn. For an example of pixilation, see the examples below.

The maximum resolution that we need is 1200 DPI with dimensions of 60mm x 60mm. You can also send a 72 DPI jpg with the dimensions of 1000mm x 1000mm.

We have two options for sending in your own artwork:

1) You can use the handy artwork upload feature on the item checkout page. Upon checkout, this will send the artwork directly to us securely. Please note, if you upload a file, you will not see confirmation until you hit “add to cart.”

2) If for some reason we have not received a file upon completing the checkout process, you will receive an email requesting you submit your artwork if you have not yet. You can simply reply to this email with the artwork file(s) and we will get started on your gobo.

  • We ship via USPS and FedEx.
  • ProGobo is not responsible for shipping delays or losses.
  • ProGobo cannot be responsible for delays or prevention of shipping due to insufficient customer information, acts of God, riots, government strikes, fire, mudslides, earthquakes, hurricaines or shipping carrier delays of any kind. Custom Gobos are non-refundable and non-returnable. Customers are responsible for supplying correct sizing information, text spelling and artwork.
  • All items are shipped F. O. B. which means ProGobo is not responsible for your shipment once it leaves our offices.
  • Cancelled orders are subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee.
  • We cannot provide any refunds in the result of a shipping error, or delivery delay caused by shipper (see F.O.B.).
  • Customers assumes all responsibilty and risk for rush orders!
  • In the case of shipping damage or loss, all claims should be made by the recipient with the carrier within three days.
  • All pricing is shown in US Dollars USA.
  • Shipping charges are paid by the buyer. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges, duties, customs charges or any other fees that may not be know at the time of shipment.
  • ProGobo’s responsibility ends upon delivery of product to the carrier. In case of damage to your shipment, contact your carrier immediately in writing outlining loss and or damage.