Best file formats:

.eps, .ai, .svg, .pdf

OK file formats:

.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tiff, .psd, .gif
Please provide these files in a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch).

About Graphics Files

The best graphics for gobos are vector graphics (.eps, .pdf, .ai).  These formats can be resized without any loss of quality — i.e., if you zoom in further and further into the image, and make it bigger and bigger, the lines and details in the image remain smooth.

Most files you see online are in raster format — that is, they are built of little dots called pixels, and when you zoom in and make them bigger, you start being able to see the edges of those pixels.  If those pixels are big enough, they will appear in your gobo!

If you have raster graphics, please send us the highest resolution image you have.  Resolution is expressed in dots or pixels per square inch, and a higher number is better.  Images you download off the internet are usually 72 dpi (dots per inch).  Print graphics (stuff you’d send to a commercial printer) are 300-600 dpi.  We use images up to 2400 dpi to make your gobos!  The more detail you give us, the more detail we can put in your gobo.